Jessica and Todd’s decision to build a new home in an older neighborhood in Portland was based on the belief that building in the city has a lasting impact on the local economy, strengthens the neighborhood’s social fabric, and is economically and environmentally desirable because it taps into existing infrastructure and resources – a sustainable alternative to the resource-intensive greenfield developments.

By occupying a small urban infill lot, the house provides completeness within the architectural fabric of the neighborhood and adding density to the immediate surroundings. The site allows for easy access to the heart of the city. Restaurants, local shops, public parks, and the University are all within walking distance.

Two small parks are nearby and the neighborhood is relatively flat.  So, Jessica will be able to take the dogs on a walk unimpeded by barriers.  Or, perhaps more accurately, the dogs, Murphy (a Great Dane) and Cash (a Great Dane/Labrador Retriever mix), will pull Jessica along on their walk!

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