ICF foundation

foundation walls were poured on wednesday.  the foundation system is ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) perimeter frost walls and concrete slab-on-grade for the first floor.  the ICF walls consist of 6″ thick, reinforced concrete wall sandwiched between two layers of 2 5/8″ rigid foam insulation.  the foam blocks (yeah, kinda like big LEGOs) are stacked and reinforced, then pumped full of concrete.  the resulting R-value is 22.  this wall system also provides very effective insulation at the edge of the concrete slab (which contains radiant heating).  so, our battle against heat loss during the heating season will be very effective.

this coming week will see installation of all sub-slab utilities, 8″ layer of crushed stone layer with radon ventilation piping, 6″ of rigid insulation, and poly vapor barrier.  then, next week the slab reinforcing and radiant tubing will be installed and concrete slab poured!  slowly, but surely, we are making progress.

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