footing excitement!

yeah, i know, another exciting photo of the foundation (this is the garage foundation). but i kinda like the composition and the colors!  and, there’s some good stuff to look at here.  1) nice presentation of the footing drain (the white pipe) with crushed stone and filter fabric wrap. mucho importante for managing subsurface water around the foundation.  2) its a very handsome concrete footing with vertical rebar (with the cool orange plastic hats!) and keyway – groove in top of concrete to further anchor the forthcoming concrete foundation wall.  3)  coil of blue pipe is the 1.5″ diameter water service (from the street).  typical water pipe size is 1″, but we need bigger to provide water to the city ordinance-mandated fire sprinkler system!  not all bad since jessica feels safer/more secure knowing that the house will be well-protected against fire, especially since her ability to exit the house could be impaired if she’s not up and about in her wheelchair.

to date, we are VERY pleased with the performance and quality of work being provided by our site work contractor, GLB Construction LLC (George Barstow) of Westbrook and Dave, the foundation contractor.  the plumber???? well, not so much.  ryan the plumber was scheduled to start monday morning.  instead he called me to say that he was quitting BEFORE he even started!  good news is we found a replacement who i’m pretty sure is better for about the same cost.  am hoping he can start next week, so we only lost a week.

ah, the joy of building!!!! 😉

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