foundation layers 2

Continuing a previous post concerning all the stuff that gets buried in and under the concrete floor slab (check out the “foundations layer” post from july 29)….

LOTS of tubing and cool colors!  first, a poly vapor barrier was installed on top of the 6″ of rigid insulation. then, 6×6 welded wire steel mesh to reinforce the slab and tie-off the radiant tubing (that orange and red tubing snaking its way around).  the orange painted lines indicate the location of future walls.

what a tangled-web we weave!  i am confident revision energy does indeed know what this rats-nest is doing.  if not, i’m in BIG trouble!!!!  basically, all the radiant tubes arrive at this point where they will be connected to a manifold to distribute the hot water throughout the slab.  and, i think its a pretty cool photo!

looks a lot better, huh?!  slab has been poured and now all we see are the red and orange tubes flapping in the breeze awaiting the arrival of a house.

overview of slab with various pipe penetrations.  the finished floor for the house will be stained concrete.  much care was taken during layout and the pour to provide crisp, clean surface.  this includes careful consideration of location of sawn control joints (to control slab cracking).  the goal is to locate the cj’s under walls, cabinets, etc. where possible. and, in spite of our best efforts, i have confidence that the concrete will crack in at least one undesirable location! of course, now the challenge is to protect and preserve the slab for the duration of construction.

SIPs arrive on Thursday and Friday of this week.  erection starts next week.  the slow boat from poland arrived with our windows and patiently await their installation.  so, in another month, we should have something that looks like a house!

thank you to daughter lindsey and dan leonard at revision energy for providing the above photos.

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