SIPs two

SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) erection started on wednesday morning with arrival of the boom truck.  first panel was set at 8:30am.

wall panel numero uno!

about fifteen minutes later, the second wall panel goes up.  don’t worry, i’m not posting a photo of each panel!  the first two panels are of significance due to their importance re: plumb, level, etc. and stability (the corner configuration inherently braces itself).  more to follow on that plumb, level stuff.

panel numero duo. the guy in the blue shirt setting the panel is gary nichols, the owner of nichols construction.  gotta like that!

by 9:30, we were building up a head of steam! things were moving along nicely. then….

things got a little sideways when we discovered that the fourth panel had a minor issue of levelness.  1/4″ over 18′ in height doesn’t sound like much, but if we didn’t fix the problem then we’d be fighting it for the rest of this wall.  so, we got things back on track only to discover the next panel we had installed backwards!  yes, we’re amateurs (hey, its our first time installing SIPs!).  after a thirty minute delay to extract the incorrect panel and turn it around, we really got moving.  by one o’clock (4.5 hours after starting) we had all tall panels on the west wall erected.

detail photo showing adhesive/sealer (the gray stuff) that goes between each panel and at the bottom. the holes are pre-cut chases for electrical wiring. not sure how that will work, but….

by three o’clock, all 18′ tall panels at the north and west walls were up.  the boom truck was dismissed and erection continued with 8′ tall panels that can be installed by two men. all-in-all, the process went very well.  we knew there’d be a learning curve, but it wasn’t too steep.  next week more “manual” panel installation and second floor framing will take place.  boom truck return is scheduled for the following week to install the long roof panels that sit atop the 18′ wall panels.  then, our building shell (including insulation!) will be mostly completed.

diagonal bracing to keep the wall upright!

end of SIPs day one! what is with that truck with eagle, flag and hippie stickers????

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