drewexim duo

this post continues a discussion/presentation of the drewexim windows.  the focus is aesthetics, operation and cost.

about a year ago, i installed a large drewexim window in my studio. once jessica and todd saw my studio window, there was no turning back (to a more typical north american window).  the drewexim window and doors are substantial in their construction, appearance and operation.  the tilt/turn operation is a bit unique by our north american standards, but i enjoy the flexibility afforded by this functionality (“tilt” = the window sash opens inward, hinged at the bottom – “turn” = the window swings open inward, hinged at the side….like a door).  with the turn of a three-position lever handle, the window progressively opens from a closed/locked position to tilt then turn. no handle-cranking here.

jessica and todd’s tastes encompass a more contemporary/modern (i hate these labels!) sensibility.  aesthetically, the clean detailing and lines of the window fit nicely with the overall aesthetic of this house, both inside and out.  interior finish options include clear, stained and painted.  j & t selected a walnut stain.  exterior paint colors are selected from hundreds of “standard” paint colors (custom is available, too, at extra cost).  our window exterior has a “white aluminum” paint finish. it resembles a metallic finish and will work well with the corrugated metal siding.

cost.  you might think these windows and doors would cost A LOT more than our standard north american windows.  they don’t.  when we compared drewexim to standard north american products with necessary performance upgrades (i.e.: high-performance triple-glazing, heavy duty hardware, quality finishes, etc.) we discovered value for our dollars even when considering the euro/dollar exchange and shipping costs.  in short, the window and door package cost for this house is on-par with other houses of similar scope and costs.

drewexim windows and doors are manufactured in poland (the country, not the town in maine!).  all windows and doors are custom, as in made to order by size, configuration, finish, etc. nate campbell of fenestrations plus in bangor is the local distributor.  you can reach nate at www.fenplus.com or call him at 207.631.5041.

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