progress continues….

in spite of the paucity of recent posts, construction has been progressing at a steady pace. the garage has been framed, roofing has been “roughed-in” (not totally watertight, but nearly so!), utility connections in the street completed (BIG deal!), and LOTS of miscellaneous framing, etc.  we are about a week behind schedule for our current phase.  not bad considering the wet weather we’ve had in october.  sunny, bright skies this week should help us on our quest to have exterior work 90% complete by thanksgiving – that is if HUNTING SEASON doesn’t slow us down too much!

three windows in this palette will be stacked into one 8′ w. x 9′ h. window in the living room.

at LONG last, the windows and doors (see previous posts entitled Drewexim Uno and Duo) were delivered to the jobsite today!  installation starts tomorrow with completion scheduled for next week.  the crew was impressed with the rugged (AND heavy) windows.  they are beautiful!  i think the client will be happy.

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