“Simplify, Simplify.”

Henry David Thoreau

if you are a follower of this blog, recently you may have been wondering, “why no posts????”.  if so,  then please accept my apologies.  two weeks ago i was too busy with work, family (a new grandson!), life, etc.  last week i discovered that i had lost admin access to my wordpress blog.  so, after a week+ of my stubborn “i can fix it”/DIY approach to life, yesterday i finally relented, coughed-up $59.99 to network solutions for their “fix” – “fix” as in repair, not “fix” i.e. relief from drug withdrawal (although, it felt more like the latter!).



Thoreau had it figured out….live in a little house in the woods – NO internet access :-)!  nonetheless, new posts are on the way, specifically, window installation.  another few weeks and we’ll be completely “dried-in”!

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