350 parts per million.  that’s the “safe” level of CO2 in our atmosphere – “safe” as in the preservation of earth as we know it.  currently, the CO2 level is 392ppm.  guess what?! mankind is doing an excellent job of driving that number higher.

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how are we doing this?, you might ask.  well, mostly by using fossil fuels.  through the use of on-site renewable energy/solar hot water and electric, 363HOUSE is projected to reduce its usage of off-site energy (generated by burning fossil fuel) by 90% when compared to a similar-sized “typical” house.  our savings could be more pending conservation efforts by its occupants.  yeah, its a small step in the enormous fight to reduce CO2 emissions, but its a necessary step that all of us need to embrace.

11.13.2012 – bill mckibben on state theater stage in portland presenting VERY compelling climate change information. learn more at www.350.org


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