recent construction progress seems meteoric compared to recent past.

  1. exterior siding and trim underway. LOTS of prep work (rain screen, flashing, etc., etc.) but worth the effort.  the siding installation itself will go fairly quickly (at least the “wood” siding, that is).  the metal siding was JUST ordered – 4 weeks delivery.  UGH!  so much for having the exterior completed before the arrival of winter.
  2. concrete slab grinding in process.  so far, so good.  the initial 30 grit grind removed A LOT of material and further revealed just how sloppy the slab pour was.  fortunately, the slab will look GREAT when all is said and done!
  3. we now have power!  a EUREKA moment, for sure.  after months of trying to bring electricity to the house underground from an existing utility pole on the neighbor’s property, we had to punt and go overhead to the street.
  4. driveway was paved this week.  base coat, that is (finish coat will arrive in the spring).  the paving will really help with keeping the house clean throughout the winter and spring and make for ease of snow removal.
  5. spray foam insulation at windows and doors is complete.  so, we’ll have temporary heat next week.  given our tight, well-insulated building envelope, the house will be easily heated with two small electric heaters .
  6. NOW, if i can get the metal roof installed, we’ll be poised to install the solar hot water and PV panels in january!

here’s a gallery of captioned photos to show our recent progress:

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