we are well into the roughing in phase.  plumber, electrician, fire sprinkler, solar and heating contractors have all been on-site.  the “smart home” sub will be on-site in january to do his work for control of lighting, audio, video and window shades.  oh yeah, gotta rough-in the HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) system, too.

given the compact nature of the design, no basement and essentially no attic, routing the multitude of pipes and wires is akin to building a submarine!  overall, its going well with minimal back-tracking.  nonetheless, it is a time-consuming process and has required a lot of time on-site by yours truly – all in hopes of starting sheetrock installation mid-january.  oh yeah, we STILL need the metal roof installed before that starts!  YIKES!!!!

unfortunately, no exciting visuals/photos of wires and pipes.  just this photo of the first floor electrical plan with my field notes compiled during a 90 minute walk-thru with craig the electrician (on-site nickname = “sparky”).  the result is the fourth iteration of the electrical plan. the march of two steps forward, one step back presses on!



here’s a photo update of siding installation with west wall almost complete.  it DOES look nice, huh?


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