rough-in complete!

sheetrock starts tomorrow!!!! never thought i’d be so glad to “move-on”….given the compact nature of this house – lack of basement and limited attic space – the last 4 weeks, or so, have not been a lot of fun.  LOTS of “reconciliation” (better word than compromise!) between various subs, carpenters, architect and owner.  but, we’ve made it through and look forward to the next phase, that pristine “white-out” phase known as sheetrock (one of my favorites). all the messy wires, pipes, blocking, etc. get covered up and, for the first time, the house will assume its spatial quality.

smarthome cabling homeruns

smarthome cabling spaghetti.  i know, hard to believe by looking at this mess, but all these wires will be connected to various devices, controllers, etc. and allow for the wireless control of most building systems via an iPhone or iPad mini – note the irony in the term “wireless”?!


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