shower drain

i know, such an exciting post title!  (please refer to the previous post “hiatus completus” for photo of the shower and context for below).

so, what’s cool about this drain is not just it’s sublime (sophisticated?) aesthetics, but it’s important function.  obviously, it’s primary function is to drain water from the shower.  but, it’s design and location will provide drainage with minimal negative impacts re: wheelchair.  this linear drain allows the shower floor to slope toward the rear wall thus minimizing the potential for water to find its way out of the shower proper.  the floor slope is mono-pitch vs. multi-pitch (with requisite “valleys”), more commonly provided with a “typical” central floor drain (usually square or round) .  therefore, jessica’s shower chair will be more stable (less likely to roll around).  and, it looks cool!

this shower drain is KERDI-LINE manufactured by schluter.  a variety of covers are available, including one that accepts tile.  the cover is easily removed for cleaning.

schluter KERDI-LINE, linear floor drain at jessica's shower.

schluter KERDI-LINE, linear floor drain at jessica’s shower.


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