bright stair 2

one of the more distinctive interior features is the steel stair with a somewhat unorthodoxed galvanized finish – very industrial with its diamond-plate treads and cable railings.  the fabricator and i spent a lot of time exploring the possibilities of how to put this thing together.  the first round of detailing included separate components to be assembled on-site.  however, the resulting aesthetic would be more “clunky” due to the tread to stringer attachment details.  after some coaxing from the architect, chris (the fabricator) concluded that he could indeed weld-up the main carriage in one piece, transport to massachusetts for it’s galvanizing bath then deliver and install (insert!) into it’s final resting place in the house.  indeed, it did happen and it looks great!  here’s a series of photos chronicling the stair journey and installation:

i hope to have photos of completed stair next week.

stair fabricated by Stillwater Metalworks of Bangor.  Chris Higgins, proprietor.

bright stair

bright stairhere’s the steel stair, freshly galvanized, sitting in the shop in bangor awaiting installation tomorrow.  BTW, we do expect the brightness of the galvanization to fade a bit, in time.  if all goes well (fingers and toes crossed!), by end of day tomorrow we should be able to get to second floor WITHOUT a ladder, if we so choose.

there’s a rumor that some of the concrete countertops may have landed, too.  looking forward to another LONG day in portland tomorrow!  i think we’re getting closer?! – to the end, that is….