SustainABLE for ME Design Awards – Honor Award


SustainABLE for ME.001

363HOUSE and john gordon | architect are proud recipients of an Honor Award for design as bestowed by the SustainABLE for ME Maine Design Awards 2015, co-sponsored by Alpha One and AIA Maine. We are deeply honored for 363HOUSE to be recognized as a vanguard of accessible residential design. Jury comments include, “Love this one, done very well and elegantly, superlative, favorite” and “Totally blew me away” and “Entry door threshold: brilliant” and “Epitome of great design”!  The following gallery of images depicts accessible features and building design (click on any image to enlarge and enter gallery view mode).

SustainABLE for ME 4promo.004SustainABLE for ME 4promo.006SustainABLE for ME 4promo.007SustainABLE for ME 4promo.008SustainABLE for ME 4promo.009SustainABLE for ME 4promo.010SustainABLE for ME 4promo.011SustainABLE for ME 4promo.012SustainABLE for ME 4promo.013

NESEA Green Building Open House


363HOUSE is participating in the 2013 Green Building Open House presented by NESEA (Northeast Sustainable Energy Association). The event will be on Saturday, October 5, 10AM to 4PM.  USGBC Maine will be “in residence” for the day conducting tours and sharing information, as will I. Hope to see you there!

Learn more at Visit Revision Energy’s website for a list of participating sites.

hiatus completus

my two week sojourn has come to a close.  today is a “dig-out” day – unpack, sort email, sort snail mail, update money stuff, deal with a few urgent and/or lingering matters from before departure, download 2,200+ photos, UPDATE 363HOUSE BLOG….basically, get myself ready to start working again.  some work was accomplished at 363HOUSE whilst i was galavanting around spain, albeit at a glacial pace.  most notably, the bathroom tile was installed.  more to come soon on the accessible design features of jessica’s roll-in shower.



 yeah, i know, such an original first post title. it will get better!

design and construction documents are mostly complete.  building permit has been secured!  sitework will start later this week.  after twenty months of planning (and waiting!), we’re about to start.  so, settle in and follow the story as this project progresses from ideas, hopes, dreams (AND paper) into reality.  as charles dickens once wrote, “A thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.”  let the love grow!

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