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grandson, louie august

grandson, louie august

once again, i find myself in the position of using most, if not all, of my 30+ years of architecture knowledge, talent, and experience to help my daughter and her family.  it’s a uniquely rewarding opportunity.  often times i have wondered if the primary purpose of my becoming an architect those many years ago was to help jessica overcome the abundant physical and built environment challenges she faces on a daily basis.  i know, a bit strong on the fatalism, but….

now, there’s this little guy.  his presence has expanded my thinking.  he’s the next generation – the continuum.  now, when i think of the future and what it might hold for our world, our society, our community, our environment, i find myself thinking a lot about his world.  the world that louie will know long after my time has come and gone.

these days my wonderment includes “what have i done to help that world be better than the world i’ve known?”  i may never know the answer.  but, i’m hoping that my work on this project will provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment to support louie’s upbringing and development.  maybe the energy savings designed into this house will help louie’s world be a little better?  maybe the durability and energy-efficiencies of this house will save his parent’s money that can further louie’s education?  maybe growing up in a house built in an established, sustainable neighborhood will provide louie with an improved world view as an adult?

who knows, maybe someday louie will thank his nonno for deciding to become an architect a long, long time ago?

happy client!

construction continues as jessica patiently awaits completion.

GOOD NEWS!!!!  my client/daughter is pleased with construction progress (so far!).  yesterday, we had the first opportunity to “tour” the house with most exterior walls in place.  access to the house was unimpeded, so jessica could get in and roll around and begin to get a real sense for the spaces on the first floor as well as the backyard and front entry court, both important outdoor spaces.

jessica liked what she saw and experienced.  the backyard is large enough to provide enclosed exercise space for dogs murphy and cash.  the house will be flooded with daylight – this will help the smallish house feel spacious and reduce energy costs (less dependence upon electrified lighting!).  jessica was satisfied the house is of sufficient distance from the street (for privacy), yet it is consistent with the other houses in the neighborhood.  and, the master suite appears to be of ample size, including jessica’s studio space that will be baby boy’s nursery for the first year, or so!

BTW, the little guy (currently referred to as “rupert” – its a long story) is due to arrive on october 25.  so, my varied project roles will soon include GRANDPA!  i gotta hurry up and get this house finished….